New support for ending Monarchy’s exemption from anti-discrimination law

As many of you will know, our recent campaign to end the Royal Family’s exemption from the Equality Act has been very successful, but recent polling has shown this support is not just limited to Labour members.

Please read our press release below for more information:

In recent weeks, the Labour-aligned pressure group ‘Labour for a Republic’ has run a major campaign to end the Monarchy’s exemption from the Equality Act, which protects workers against discrimination based on race, sex, gender, age, religion and disability.

This push has culminated in Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) in all parts of the country passing a National Policy Forum motion advocating for such a change.

With this campaign coming to a close, new polling has surfaced indicating strong public support, from both Labour voters and the rest of the population, for ending this exemption.

‘We’ve been delighted at the support from Labour members for our policy motion. It shows that republican values are still strong current within the party’, said Labour for a Republic’s Campaign Coordinator, Ben Clinton.

‘Today though, we’ve seen some excellent polling indicating our proposed change has the support of both Labour voters and the general public. This shows that we have wide support on this issue from all sections of the population.’

‘Recent surveys from polling company Find Out Now show that an overwhelming 70% of Labour voters support our proposed change, which would end the Monarchy’s exemption from legislation protecting workers from discrimination based on race, sex, gender, age, religion and disability. Alongside this, the rest of the population supports this by a 58-42 margin, a clear majority.’

This set of results proves that the monarchy is not insulated from public criticism when it comes to its unfairly-held position in society. Labour for a Republic will continue to push this point home in the next few months, with major actions at the Coronation and Labour conference planned, along with further polling to be released to the public.