Our Crowdfunder Campaign

We’ve been mentioning that Labour for a Republic were planning big things for the upcoming months. Today, the first of these events launches.

We’re beginning a major crowdfunding campaign through the website Crowdfunder, aiming to raise £4,000 before King Charles III’s coronation. It’s a big ask, but we’re confident we can get there with support from our members and supporters.

Please read our press release below for more information:

Labour for a Republic has today launched a major crowdfunding campaign, to provide the resources it needs to intensify its efforts.

The drive is hosted on Crowdfunder and aims to reach a target of £4,000 by the 22nd of April – exactly two weeks before King Charles III’s coronation.

‘It’s important that we accelerate our actions in the run-up to events such as the Coronation and 2023 Labour Party Conference’, said Labour for a Republic’s Campaign Coordinator, Ben Clinton.

‘Take the Coronation, for example. Within a cost-of-living crisis, there’s no way that a family as wealthy as the royals should be spending precious public cash on a decadent and unnecessary display of pageantry. As republicans, we need to be able to protest and campaign against this extravagance.’

‘This is why we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign today. As a grassroots organisation, we rely solely on membership fees and donations. With a financial drive like this, we’ll be able to expand our work in the months ahead.’

‘These actions will include acquiring resources to protest the coronation, commissioning polling surrounding republicanism amongst Labour voters and engaging with CLPs and Trade Union branches up and down the country.’

Labour for a Republic’s crowdfunding campaign is just another one of the major actions they have undertaken this year so far.  They have already promoted a National Policy Forum motion, that has been submitted by several CLPs, along with leafleting sessions at regional conferences and increased membership engagement.

‘Support for our campaigns is readily growing. We’ve had several CLPs pass our National Policy Forum motion and have seen a big growth in our overall membership and social media following.’

‘We hope this push for further funding will result in more debate on republicanism in the Labour Party. We’re ready to up our campaigning and we believe the membership will support us in this pursuit.’

Donating will help us massively. We’ll be able to accelerate our actions and grow our organisation. We understand that we’re in a cost-of-living crisis, but if you can afford to chip in, we’d be very grateful. If you’d like to do so, please click on this link and you’ll be transported to the Crowdfunder.