Do you know what the #CostOfTheCoronation will be?

With multiple sources now putting the cost of Charles’ coronation at £100 million, Labour for a Republic has decided to take a stand against this ridiculous display of pageantry and wasteful spending.

That’s why today we’ve launched our #CostOfTheCoronation campaign, highlighting the alternative ways that £100 million of public money could be spent – keeping in line with values of the Labour movement.

Read our press release below for more information:

In just over a month, Charles will be crowned in a lavish, expensive and unnecessary coronation ceremony. In response to this, Labour for a Republic (L4AR) has today launched its #CostOfTheCoronation campaign, which aims to highlight the economic waste Charles’ vanity coronation will mean.

‘Estimates have put the cost of the coronation at around £100 million’, Ken Ritchie, Labour for a Republic’s Secretary, commented.

‘During a Cost-Of-Living Crisis, desperately needed resources shouldn’t be directed away from essential public services such as social care to be used for a ceremony of pomp and pageantry, as Charles plans with the coronation. People are struggling, public services are collapsing and living standards are plummeting. We should instead be using this vital cash to improve the livelihoods of working people up and down the country.’

‘That’s why today we’ve launched our #CostOfTheCoronation campaign, highlighting how that £100 million could instead be used’, Ritchie affirmed.

‘Research undertaken by Labour for a Republic has found three main policies that could be fully funded by the £100 million that will be spent on Charles’ coronation .’

  • Giving at least 227,000 children free school meals for the upcoming school year.
  • Recruiting 2,800 new nurses and providing them with a year’s pay.
  • Build 830 new community centres throughout the country.

‘We have strong support from both Labour supporters and the general public for this proposition. A recent poll by Find Out Now discovered that 61% of Labour voters and 53% of the general public believe this £100 million shouldn’t be spent on the Coronation.’

The group has also reaffirmed their intention to protest the coronation alongside the broad church anti-monarchy group, Republic.

‘We’ll be there on 6th May, making Charles aware that the country aren’t united behind his undemocratic leadership. We’re already organising and have had a fantastic response from members.’