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Labour and Republicanism: 

Making Citizens Sovereign

This book, launched at the recent Labour conference, argues that:

  • a hereditary, privileged and extremely wealthy head of state is incompatible with Labour’s values;
  • the monarchy promotes a social order that Labour was formed to overturn – one in which rank, titles and class are important;
  • it will consequently be difficult for Labour to build a fairer society without replacing the monarchy with an elected head of state and making citizens sovereign; and
  • the adoption of a republican constitution has the potential to create a form of politics which is for the many and not just the few.

If Labour is going to achieve its socialist objectives, it must therefore embrace republicanism. While we must recognise the difficulties Labour would face at present if it were to challenge the monarchy’s existence, the book presents a list of ‘first steps’ for Labour to take and argues that, as a minimum, Labour must start a serious debate on the sort of society we want to be.

If you are a paid-up member of Labour for a Republic, you should already have received a copy of the book (please contact us if one has not reached you).

You can buy a copy for only £5 which includes postage (unless you are outside the UK). Please make your payment clicking the Donate’  button on our website, and adding your name and postal address where you are invited to ‘Write a note’.

If you are not already a member, why not join now and receive a free copy of the book? You can become a member for as little as £1 each month by clicking here.

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The Labour for a Republic Team

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Conference 2021: Labour’s Route to a Republic

We are now only a week away from Labour’s Annual Conference. With recent revelations about royal lobbying, Charles’s shady relationships with dodgy financiers, and Andrew’s attempts to avoid facing charges of sexual abuse, the Labour Conference will be an important opportunity to get our message across to Party members – the royals are an embarrassment and must go. 

At our conference event we will hold a meeting to discuss:

Labour’s Route to a Republic
Tuesday 28th September at 7.45 pm
in St Paul’s Church, West Street, Brighton.

 Our speakers will be:

  • Cllr Emma Dent Coad, former MP for Kensington, a constituency which includes both Kensington Palace and Grenfell Tower, and one of our Patrons;
  • Murad Qureshi, one of our most articulate supporters who served for 15 years on the London Assembly;
  • Paul Richards, a long-time activist who has fought parliamentary and PCC elections for Labour and who, when Chair for the Fabian Society, wrote their pamphlet, Long to Reign Over Us?.

The meeting will be chaired by our own Chair, Stevie Hayes.

If you are attending the Conference or are in reach of Brighton, please come along and show your support (you don’t need a conference pass to attend the meeting).

If you can help us at the event or by distributing flyers to publicise it, please get in touch (if you have not already done so).

LABOUR AND REPUBLICANISM – Making Citizens Sovereign Our new 70 page book on why Labour should embrace republicanism will be delivered by our printers early next week. A free copy will be sent to all paid-up members, and will be available at our meeting at the Labour Conference.

You can also buy the booklet for just £5 (including postage) by sending a cheque (and your name and address) to: Labour for a Republic, c/o Ken Ritchie, 37 Kilsby Road, Barby, Rugby CV23 8TU.

But why buy it when you can get it free by joining us!


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The Labour for a Republic Team

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Some people claim the monarchy is above politics!

That myth was totally destroyed earlier this month when it was revealed that Ben Elliot, who is both a co-Chair of the Conservative Party and a nephew of the Duchess of Cornwall, had arranged a meeting between a very wealthy Conservative Party donor and Prince Charles. The introduction was, according to the donor, part of a service for which Ben Elliot charged £15,000 p.a.

In the coming months we want to step up our campaign to get Labour to recognise that having a monarchy is not in its interests. We want Labour to commit itself to curbing the monarchy’s influence as a prelude to getting rid of it.  

Labour Party Conference

Clive Lewis MP has agreed to speak at our event at the Labour Party conference. This is great news for us – Clive is one of Labour’s most articulate advocates of political reform and, during the 2019 leadership contest, he openly supported the idea of a referendum on the monarchy’s future.
Our meeting will be on Tuesday 28th September in St Paul’s Church, West Street, Brighton starting at 7.45 pm. Thanks to all those who have been in touch offering help, but we still need more people for leafleting and assisting at the event. Please let us know if you are able to help.

Launch of ‘Labour and Republicanism’

Our meeting will also be a launch for ‘Labour and Republicanism’, a book of 60 – 70 pages which argues that the monarchy must be abolished if Labour is to create a society in which everyone is considered of equal worth. We will be sending free copies to all our paid-up members – if you have not already joined us, you can do so by clicking this link:

I want to join!

Petition to end the ‘Queen’s Consent’

In our last email we reported on the revelations that the Queen had not just used the Queen’s Consent procedure at Westminster but also with the Scottish Government, gaining exemption from legislation aimed at tackling climate change. Our partner organisation, ‘Republic’, has launched a petition  calling for an end to the Consent procedure and an extension of the Freedom of Information legislation to cover royal lobbying.

Please sign the petition here.

 We hope to see as many of  you as possible at the Labour Conference in Brighton.