Labour for a Republic publishes its ‘Guide for Candidates’

Labour for a Republic argues that Labour, and its candidates, must recognise the case for reforming the nature of our head of state and it has proposed a number of steps which the next Labour government should take.

Its ‘Guide for Candidates’, however, makes it clear that nothing is more important than a Labour victory. It accepts that Labour’s election campaign must focus on the Party’s core issues, such as saving the NHS, homelessness, improving workers’ rights and tackling climate change.

While the Guide notes that Labour has no plans for abolishing the monarchy, it refers to it Labour’s quest for “a more equal society in which people’s opportunities in life are not dependent on the circumstances of their birth” and points out that “hereditary titles and privilege are not things we would want to create”.

Labour must, it argues, recognise the public’s changing views of the monarchy. Amongst those under the age of 50, polls have shown a majority preferring an elected head of state. In London and in Scotland, and amongst past Labour voters, there is more support for an elected head of state than for a continuation of the monarchy.

In the Guide, Labour for a Republic proposes six reforms:

  • A change to the Equalities Act to protect royal employees from discrimination;
  • A Parliamentary Oath of allegiance to constituents and the country rather than to the monarch;
  • An extension of Freedom of Information legislation to cover royal affairs;
  • Recognition of past monarchs’ involvement in slavery and a new relationship with former colonies;
  • A review of how the monarchy is funded;
  • Changes to end the monarch’s involvement in politics.

‘Labour and the Monarchy: Modernising our Democracy’ can be downloaded here.