Rail workers or Royals – Who most deserves an inflation-busting pay rise?

Labour for a Republic is showing its opposition to the ludicrous 45% increase in Royal funding that is likely to soon go through, asking, why aren’t key workers the ones getting the pay rise?

Read our press release below for more information:

Campaign group Labour for a Republic are calling on the Labour Party to oppose the Tory government’s plans to give King Charles a 45% ‘pay rise’.

The royal wind-fall, which takes effect from 2025 is in stark contrast to the below inflation increases being imposed on public sector workers and at a time when many key workers are still fighting for a fair-pay deal.

Labour for a Republic’s Chair Nick Wall said:

“When the government announced the details of the sovereign grant this week, they spun the story to imply a reduction in royal funding. In fact, the opposite is true and funding to the King will actually sky-rocket from £86m to £125m – a massive 45% increase.”

“Of course, this is on top of other funding to the Royals such as the cost of security and income from the Duchy of Cornwall and Lancaster, which also comes straight from the taxpayers’ pockets.

“This week we’ve also seen that King Charles has tripled his property manager’s salary to £1.6m. It appears that the financial rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to the monarchy and, if the trend in royal funding continues, we estimate it will very soon hit the half-billion pound mark.”

“We expect the Tories to value the royals above rail workers, hospital doctors and university lecturers – all of whom continue to fight for a fair pay deal – but we know that Labour believes differently.  5% for nurses and 45% for the King just isn’t on.”

“That’s why we’re calling on UK Labour to take a stand. Labour has made it clear that it will be fiscally responsible in government and this indefensible and unacceptable increase is a test of Labour’s commitment to this principle.”