Labour voters say the taxpayer shouldn’t pay for the coronation

The coronation is only a few days away. With Labour for a Republic gathering its members to protest the event, we’re shining a light on the lack of public support for using public money on such an unnecessary display of pomp and pageantry.

Please read our press release below for more information:

Campaign group Labour for a Republic has revealed that 67% of Labour voters do not think that the coronation should be paid for by the taxpayer. Polling carried out for Labour for a Republic by FindOutNow also shows that more than half (52%) of all voters oppose the public purse being raided in this way.

“We are not at all surprised that two-thirds of Labour voters oppose this waste of scarce public resources,” says Labour for a Republic Secretary, Ken Ritchie. “We are deep into a cost of living crisis, with food inflation topping 20% and people quite understandably ask why we are spending public money on a totally unnecessary party for the privileged.” Recent estimates have quoted numbers up to £250 million for the event’s total cost.

“Most people would be able to provide a long list of public services where the money could be better spent and many might also point to King Charles’ £1.8billion personal fortune and ask why he can’t pay for his own party.”

The strength of feeling of Labour voters is mirrored by people of all political persuasions, with 52% agreeing that the taxpayer should not pay, while recent polling that shows that only a quarter of the population will watch the coronation. 

“We understand that whilst it is constitutionally unnecessary, the coronation will be a state event which requires engagement by the Labour leadership,” adds Ken Ritchie. “But that should not prevent Labour from learning the lesson that the assumption that the monarchy – and everything it does – has universal support, is far from the truth. People’s views on the monarchy are changing fast and Labour needs to reflect these changes in its policy position.”