The Jubilee’s over – but what comes next?

Now that the jubilee is over and the hysteria has subsided, there is more chance of having a reasoned debate on what should come next. The queen’s reign will soon be over and there is little chance of stopping the crown passing to Charles, a less-worthy successor.

However, rather than regarding the continuation of the monarchy as an immutable part of our constitution, Labour needs a serious discussion on what the monarchy really is and how it impacts on Labour’s plans for a fairer society. In announcing Labour’s National Policy Forum consultation, Keir Starmer has told members:

“We want to hear your views on how a Labour government can seize the opportunities and rise to the challenges of the coming decade.”

The consultation is your chance to call for an end to hereditary privilege and influence and for the right of citizens to decide who their head of state should be.

The section of the consultation that deals with constitutional issues is ‘Safe and Secure Communities’ and you can use the link below to post a submission:

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You can also support the submission made on behalf of Labour for a Republic by ‘voting’ for it and/or commenting on by clicking the link below:

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If you are not already a member of Labour for a Republic, now’s the time to join and become part of our campaign for a modern democracy and for an end to hereditary privileges and nonsensical titles.

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