Let’s debate the monarchy

Queen Elizabeth the Last?

A recent poll found that

  • 44% of Labour voters want to keep the monarchy but 43% want to abolish it.
  • more young people want rid of it than want to retain it, and
  • in Scotland support for the monarchy has dropped below

The Jubilee may be billed as a national celebration of the monarchy, but don’t be fooled. Although lots of our money will be spent in trying to persuade us that the monarchy is wonderful, let’s try to use the occasion to get things into perspective.

What is there to celebrate?

Peter Tatchell, on refusing to be patronised by an invitation to appear at a Jubilee event as a ‘National Treasure’, expressed it well:

“I do not wish to participate in a pageant that celebrates a monarchical regime based on hierarchy, deference and inherited wealth, status and power. It is a leftover from feudalism that defies modern aspirations for democracy, egalitarianism and meritocracy.”

International Anti-Monarchy Conference
As an alternative to Jubilee parties, why not join Republic’s conference on 4th June? It will be held from 1.30 – 4.30 pm by Zoom. You can find more details and register here.

Democracy, Equality. No exceptions.

Those are Labour values, and they are what guides Labour for a Republic. We want a debate in the labour movement on how we can move beyond a monarchy to a society in which everyone is treated with equal dignity and respect,. If you are not already a member, click below to join us and receive your free copy of ‘Labour and Republicanism’.

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