Democracy. Equality. No exceptions.

At our last meeting we decided to use the above heading as a strap line. As Nick Wall, who propose it, pointed out, it encapsulates the main reason for our existence – ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’ are Labour’s values and we want them for everyone.

The year ahead will be a challenging one for us. Not only will we have the queen’s jubilee celebrations, but we can also expect to see Charles increasingly taking the role of the monarch. We want to up our game in spreading the message that we don’t need to have a monarchy and that there are better alternatives.

To develop our work, we have decided to set up two working groups:

·         Our Campaign Working Group will develop themes and messages for our campaign during the year and will plan how we put our ideas into practice;

·         Our Membership Working Group will look not just at how we can recruit more members, but also at how we better engage members in our work, making use of their knowledge, ideas and skills.

Are you prepared to serve on one of these Groups? We want them to be as representative of our membership as possible, and they will meet by Zoom so no travel will be needed. If you are able to help, please email telling us which working group you would like to join.

Our logo – the red rectangle at the top of this web page – is one that we have used for several years. We would now like a logo that includes our new strap line (‘Democracy. Equality. No exceptions.’) below our name, and a decision to change the logo is an opportunity to consider whether want merely a revision of our existing logo or something different. If you are a designer, or have design skills, and think you might be able to help, please let us know.

With best wishes

The Labour for a Republic Team