Make 2022 the beginning of the end of the monarchy

Did you hear the Queen’s Christmas message?  Unfortunately it was short and she did not have time to give a full account of the royal year. Here, however, are some of the royal highlights she missed:


  • While many faced the financial consequences of lockdown, reported that the Monarchy is likely to receive around £100m a year from the licensing of plots for offshore windfarms.
  • That month the Guardian exposed how the Queen has influenced legislation, enabling the Royals to conceal their wealth and avoid race discrimination legislation.


  • Oprah Winfrey interview illustrated the dysfunctionality of a family more concerned with rank, titles and entitlements than the affairs of state.


  • Eminent environmentalists called on the royals to re-wild their estates, but nothing was done.


  • Revelations that the Monarchy secretly lobbied the Scottish Government and succeeded in getting an exemption from legislation to tackle climate change.


  • Reports that a nephew of Camilla, who is also a Co-Chair of the Conservative Party, effectively sold access to Charles to an ultra-rich businessman.


  • Protest march to Bucks Palace to ask for rewilding of royal estates just got a patronising response.


  • COP26: Charles, who once flew by helicopter to Cambridge to talk about climate change, urged others to reduce their carbon footprints.


  • Andrew’s old friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of sex trafficking, but he still can’t remember why he had his arm round a 17-year-old girl’s bare midriff.

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