Labour and Republicanism

Making Citizens Sovereign

This book, launched at the recent Labour conference, argues that:

  • a hereditary, privileged and extremely wealthy head of state is incompatible with Labour’s values;
  • the monarchy promotes a social order that Labour was formed to overturn – one in which rank, titles and class are important;
  • it will consequently be difficult for Labour to build a fairer society without replacing the monarchy with an elected head of state and making citizens sovereign; and
  • the adoption of a republican constitution has the potential to create a form of politics which is for the many and not just the few.

If Labour is going to achieve its socialist objectives, it must therefore embrace republicanism. While we must recognise the difficulties Labour would face at present if it were to challenge the monarchy’s existence, the book presents a list of ‘first steps’ for Labour to take and argues that, as a minimum, Labour must start a serious debate on the sort of society we want to be.

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