Conference 2021: Labour’s Route to a Republic

We are now only a week away from Labour’s Annual Conference. With recent revelations about royal lobbying, Charles’s shady relationships with dodgy financiers, and Andrew’s attempts to avoid facing charges of sexual abuse, the Labour Conference will be an important opportunity to get our message across to Party members – the royals are an embarrassment and must go. 

At our conference event we will hold a meeting to discuss:

Labour’s Route to a Republic
Tuesday 28th September at 7.45 pm
in St Paul’s Church, West Street, Brighton.

 Our speakers will be:

  • Cllr Emma Dent Coad, former MP for Kensington, a constituency which includes both Kensington Palace and Grenfell Tower, and one of our Patrons;
  • Murad Qureshi, one of our most articulate supporters who served for 15 years on the London Assembly;
  • Paul Richards, a long-time activist who has fought parliamentary and PCC elections for Labour and who, when Chair for the Fabian Society, wrote their pamphlet, Long to Reign Over Us?.

The meeting will be chaired by our own Chair, Stevie Hayes.

If you are attending the Conference or are in reach of Brighton, please come along and show your support (you don’t need a conference pass to attend the meeting).

If you can help us at the event or by distributing flyers to publicise it, please get in touch (if you have not already done so).

LABOUR AND REPUBLICANISM – Making Citizens Sovereign Our new 70 page book on why Labour should embrace republicanism will be delivered by our printers early next week. A free copy will be sent to all paid-up members, and will be available at our meeting at the Labour Conference.

You can also buy the booklet for just £5 (including postage) by sending a cheque (and your name and address) to: Labour for a Republic, c/o Ken Ritchie, 37 Kilsby Road, Barby, Rugby CV23 8TU.

But why buy it when you can get it free by joining us!


Best wishes,

The Labour for a Republic Team

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