2021 AGM & Social Evenings

Please join our AGM. It will be held by Zoom on 8th July at 7.30 pm. Join our email list (here) and we will send you details of how to join the meeting and of our guest speakers.  

The AGM will be a chance to review our work and discuss our priorities for the coming year. We will also elect a committee to plan and organise our activities. Although all supporters will be very welcome at our AGM, you will appreciate that only paid-up members will be allowed to stand for office and vote. If you are not already a member, you can easily resolve that problem by clicking below.

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The AGM itself will be a short meeting, but this will be followed by discussion on the way ahead for republicanism.

There will be a lot for us to talk about – the further revelations about the use of the Monarch’s and Prince’s consent protocol, the massive boost in royal incomes from off-shore windfarming, the royal household’s past discrimination against black people, the 110,000 complaints the BBC received over the excessive coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, and the BBC’s problems over the Martin Bashir affair (we cannot condone Bashir’s conduct, but we have had indignant royal princes criticizing him for having given their mother a chance to speak for herself).

Earlier this month students at Magdalen College, Oxford were in the news for deciding to remove a photo of the queen from their Common Room. The week before, Ken Ritchie, representing Labour for a Republic, joined with Republic’s Graham Smith in an Oxford Union debate on abolishing the monarchy – they won convincingly (one of their opponents took to the Telegraph to express her outrage).  

Republican social evenings

We are holding our AGM by Zoom partly because of COVID rules, but also because we all of our members to be able to take part, irrespective of where they live. However, it is also valuable for us to meet together more informally, and we are therefore considering holding social events when circumstances permit. If you have any ideas for venues, please let us know.

We appreciate that the London area is where we have the largest number of members, but we are a national organisation and would like to have events in other parts of the country. If you would like to attend a Labour for a Republic event in your area and are able to help us organise it, please get in touch.

With best wishes

The Labour for a Republic Team

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