How we can campaign in spite of lockdown

The country may be in lockdown, but the problem of the monarchy has not gone away!

This year the pandemic has deprived us of a Labour Conference and the opportunities to reach out to new supporters which conferences usually provide. Several invitations to speak at CLP meetings had to be cancelled, and we have been unable to arrange meetings and events for our members.

There is nevertheless a lot we can do:

  • Many CLPs and branches are now holding meetings by Zoom. Why not suggest to your CLP that they have a debate on the monarchy? With Zoom it is very easy for us to provide speakers right across the country.
  • Labour will soon be electing its National Executive Committee. When the list of candidates who will be on the ballot paper has been confirmed, email them asking their views on the monarchy (and let us know of any replies you receive).
  • If you have a Labour MP, it would be very helpful if you were able to write to them asking for their views on the monarchy. You may want to tell them that recent opinion polls show that a majority of Labour members want rid of it!
  • Watch out for opportunities to say something about republicanism – there may, for example, be a member of royal family visiting an area near you, or there may be something in the news about royal extravagance. Use your social media, and write to your local papers, making the point that we want a society in which everyone is regarded as of equal worth and none have rank and status that is hereditary.
  • Check the website of Republic for recent press releases that you may be able to adapt and use locally. On their website you can also watch ‘The Man who shouldn’t be King’ – Republic’s documentary on Prince Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall.

Get in touch with us if you have ideas on ways we can campaign in the current situation, and the sorts of campaign you would like to see from Labour for Republic when circumstances permit.

Best wishes

The Labour for a Republic team

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