Campaigning through the coronavirus crisis

Like everything else, Labour for a Republic has been affected by the coronavirus. With all meetings cancelled and all media attention focused on what we need to do to keep ourselves and others safe, what we can do in present circumstances is limited.

We had, unfortunately, to abandon plans for a social event we had hoped to hold with a supportive MP, and we have needed to postpone our AGM until it is considered safe for us to meet. Our committee has, however, continued its work (meeting, of course, virtually) in preparing a programme of events for happier times.

We will hold a major fringe meeting at the Labour Conference (assuming there is one) as that is an important opportunity for us to reach new supporters, and following the conference we hope to have an event to launch a booklet on the links between socialism and republicanism. Meanwhile we hope to step up our campaign on social media, with You-tube videos as soon as it’s possible for people to get together to film them.

Building the campaign for republicanism in Labour, however, requires work around the country with CLPs and branches. That may not be possible at the moment, but please give some thought to how you might be able to persuade your local party to hold a discussion on republicanism (and remember we can provide speakers in most areas).

There has been speculation that the present crisis may bring about changes in society. It reminds us that the big problems can only be resolved by people working together, and that we are all equal in terms of our vulnerability. The virus does not show deference to princes and prime ministers, and neither should we. If any in our society are to be regarded as having superior status, it should be our nurses, doctors and care workers rather than our royals. The coronavirus crisis has messages for us.

We send our best wishes and hopes that you have managed to avoid the virus. Keep safe.

The Labour for a Republic team

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