2019 AGM: further details, and the Sultan of Brunei

Please RSVP here to confirm you’ll be joining us at Labour for a Republic’s 2019 AGM.  We’ll report on the past year, discuss the upcoming year, hold elections for officer positions, and hear from a guest speaker!

Where:  Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA (map)
When:  May 11th 2019 14:00 – 16:30

The AGM is free to attend, but please RSVP here to help us manage numbers.

Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social Media officer roles are up for election.  Please nominate yourself or a friend by emailing us on labourforarepublic@gmail.com.

While everyone is welcome to attend, only paying members can vote or be elected to officer roles.  You can sign up as a member here for £20 / year, or here for a different amount.

On another subject: We are all appalled at the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to make gay sex punishable by death by stoning. The Sultan, like our Queen, is a hereditary monarch and over the years has enjoyed a cordial relationship with our royals. As recently as December 2017 he was welcomed to Buckingham Palace by the Queen and Prince William, although three years previously the Sultan advocated that those convicted of adultery on the testimony of four witnesses should be stoned to death (perhaps that’s why Charles wasn’t involved!).

The Queen is head of the Commonwealth, a body which claims to stand for human rights. Brunei is a member of the Commonwealth, yet the Queen has remained silent.Surely an elected head of state would have expressed the British people’s revulsion at the Sultan’s latest pronouncement.

With best wishes,

Ken and the Labour for a Republic team

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